about me


My name is Jasmin Wantuch, but most of you know me as Jackie, or simply just Wantuch! My grandmother named me when I was a born, but my father wasn't too fond of the flower name, and therefore, Jackie is what most know me by. I find it ironic my grandmother named me seeing that I attribute most of my creative side to her; It's like my name came with a little blessing. Everyone has a chance in their lifetime to grow and blossom into their full potential, and I love that I get to carry that with me in my photography. It has been an outlet for my artistry, and I hope that I can share with you the gift I've been blessed with!

so nice to meet you.

I live in Lutz, Florida with my family of five, whom I adore! I wear many hats, but being a photographer is one of my favorite hats to wear! I just love to create - whether it's in the kitchen, in my garden, or lesson planning! As an educator, I have a way with kids of any age that will help them feel comfortable and have fun with the photo session. I'm here to help capture your candid, bubbly and special moments. Let's get started today!

booking a photo session

You can contact me to schedule your photo session in advance. Sometimes my schedule is open for spur of the moment photo sessions if a loved one is in town, or your work-life schedule gets out of hand and you just realized, yikes, I need to get family photos done!

looking ahead at my travel plans

March: North Carolina

June: Utah | Idaho